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tarty and tangy, lively and happy

• Fruity Pink Grapefruit Juice and Zingy Ginger Juice with zesty lime & subtle juniper notes
• The most sophisticated hot...


no stevia
no sugar added
certified non-gmo
no stevia
no sugar added
certified non-gmo
always be 'grape'ful
dynamic flavor,
simple ingredients


we've curated an honest blend of ingredients to create a drink unlike any others in your fridge. the combination of real, organic fruit juices & steeped ground spices + herbs delivers a delicious, refreshing twist on familiar flavors - without a need to add refined sugar or any fake sweeteners.

the hype is real

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" 10/10 would buy again — it kind of tastes like a spindrift with probiotics + cheaper than kombucha and less sugar "


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what is Culture POP?

Culture POP is a probiotic soda made with organic fruit juices and real, ground organic spices & herbs. Each 12 oz can contains 45 calories and billions of CFU’s of live probiotics at the time of canning.

why should I drink Culture POP?

Culture POP is made the way that you’d hope your soda would be made! Each flavor is crafted by steeping organic spices and/or herbs into an organic blend of juices! We then add billions of CFU’s of our live probiotic to each can. The result is a delicious, complex, slightly sweet soda - with only 45 calories per can. Each flavor is familiar - flavors you already know & love - but with a tasty twist. And, of course, we use no refined sweeteners, no stevia and no other high intensity or artificial sweeteners. Culture POP is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, plant-based and certified kosher.

which sweeteners do you use?

Culture POP gets its slightly sweet flavor solely from organic fruit juices mixed with herbs & spices. We don't use any artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, or natural sugar alternatives such as stevia.

what is all this talk about probiotics & gut health?

Probiotics are live, “good” bacteria that often are found in food & supplements that support a healthy gut microbiome. The probiotic strain we use in our sodas is called Bacillus Subtilus - which is clinically shown to support & improve critical functions in our bodies including digestion, gastrointestinal balance & immunity. Studies show 70% of your immune system is housed in the gut, specifically your small intestine (which is where our probiotic thrives).

what is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

We hear both terms used a lot lately - especially in the drink aisle. Both are equally important, in fact, they work hand in hand to maintain a happy gut and overall health & well-being. PROBIOTICS are the “good” bacteria naturally present in your gut as well as in food/drinks and supplements, but if out of balance, can have serious implications on our health & well-being. You can think of PREBIOTICS as food for probiotics. Prebiotics are fibrous, non-digestible carbohydrates naturally present in many foods as well as in supplement form. They stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

which probiotic do you use?

We use Deerland’s DE111 probiotic strain called Bacillus Subtilis - a non-GMO strain that has been proven to support gastrointestinal health and comfort and help with gas and bloating. Most importantly, this specific strain is extremely durable and remains viable so it can persist within the GI tract, increase its numbers, and then re-sporulate. For more information about our probiotic, visit:

does Culture POP need to be refrigerated?

Nope! Culture POP is shelf-stable and can be stored at ambient temperatures. Our probiotic remains viable under a wide temperature and pH range, via stability testing. The probiotic that we use experienced minimal loss of colony-forming units (CFU) over our shelf life when stored at room temperature (25°C). This allows you to keep some of the drinks in your fridge and the rest in your pantry!

how is Culture POP different from kombucha?

We do not ferment any sugar content, our probiotic does not impact the flavor of our sodas, and there is no vinegary aftertaste that sometimes is found with kombucha products. Culture POP is shelf-stable and can be stored at ambient temperatures unlike kombucha. We also come in at a lower price point than most kombuchas in the market!

where can I buy Culture POP?

Culture POP is available in many stores across the United States. You can check out our "FIND US" page to find a retailer near you that carries Culture POP! Don’t see us? We’re growing quickly and expanding to new parts of the country every month! Check back soon, or purchase directly from our online shop. We ship FREE to all 48 states in the continental U.S.

is Culture POP caffeinated?

None of our current flavors contain caffeine. So feel free to pop one open to enjoy with dinner or enjoy a slightly sweet sip before bed.

is Culture POP safe to drink during pregnancy?

Many mothers have shared with us how much they enjoy it as part of their routine. All our juices are pasteurized and our soda does not contain alcohol content. Of course, consult your doctor with any specific concerns.

is Culture POP diabetes-friendly?

With only 8 grams of total carbs and no added sweeteners, our sodas support gastrointestinal health without spiking your blood sugar! Culture POP is proudly endorsed by The Diabetes App! Of course, please consult your doctor with any specific concerns.

how can I contact the team?

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at and our team can help you out. If you are missing part of your order, the additional packs are likely on their way. Multiple boxes may get separated in transit.